Hello everyone !!! Today I hope to write about the ethical whistle-blowing. Let’s get to know about introduction of whistle-blowing, elements of ethical whistle-blowing and steps/procedure of whistle-blowing in briefly.

What is Whistle-blowing?

Whistle-blowing means exposing secretive information or activity within a private or public organization that is deemed illegal, unethical or not correct. The person who involves in this process is called as a Whistle-blower.

Whistle-blowing can also be broken down into two different categories in which the employee may notify other of the alleged wrongdoing; either internally or externally.

Internal Whistle-blowing: When an employee will try to notify their superiors of whatever wrongdoing is occurring. The employee will follow the proper channels to notify the upper management in order for their complaint to be heard.

External Whistle-blowing: When an employee will notify the media, public interest groups, or regulatory agencies rather than the management of the firm they work for.

What are the elements of ethical whistleblowing?

There are four elements of the whistle-blowing process:

The whistle-blower

The whistle-blowing act or complaint

The party to whom the complaint is made

The organization against which the complaint is lodged

The steps/procedure of whistleblowing

Step 1: The company code of the conduct must be easy to embrace and take pride in. Management involvement, anchoring of the code and follow-up on deviations are important for making it trustworthy.

Step 2: Ensure your whistle-blowing policy is prepared for correct processing of whistle-blowing cases.

Step 3: A secure whistle-blowing service increases the chance of obtaining business-critical tip-offs. An independent third-party solution is a safe option for both the company and whistle-blower.

Step 4: A user-friendly reporting channel, which allows follow-up questions to be posted also to anonymous whistle-blowers, may be vital for investigation process.

Step 5: A well-supported whistle-blowing service safeguards high standards of business ethics and a transparent business environment. Positive roll-out of the service and recurring information on its objectives are the key to success

The following flowchart shows how the whistle-blowing process happens.

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